What Changed Susan? In 1999, Collins Called for “Further Evidence,” But Now She’s “Perplexed” By It and “Ignoring” Context

Senator Susan Collins is once again refusing to meet the standard she set two decades ago, telling reporters today she is “perplexed” by the prospect of additional evidence and is taking an “absurd position” to question evidence, “ignoring” important context about where the evidence came from and undermining her pledge to be an impartial juror. 

The statements are odds with what she said and wrote in 1999: 

Senator Collins is siding with Mitch McConnell to move forward with a trial that does not include any “commitment to calling witnesses or admitting new evidence.” Just yesterday, Senator Collins tried a new “sleight of hand” on impeachment and is now saying the Senate should consider “whether” witnesses should be heard at all. 

“Senator Collins said 20 years ago she needed to hear from witnesses and see evidence but now she’s parsing her words and prejudging the case,” said DSCC spokesperson Stewart Boss. “The standard Senator Collins set two decades ago is as clear as ever — but now that she is lining up behind Mitch McConnell, she refuses to hold herself to it.”

The DSCC launched WhatChangedSusan.com to highlight Senator Collins’ alignment with Mitch McConnell and refusal to set the same standards for a fair impeachment process that she did in 1999. WhatChangedSusan.com will be updated regularly as the impeachment process unfolds. 


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