What Changed Susan? Senator Collins Now Flees Reporters and Refuses to Answer Same Questions She’s Answered for Over 20 Years

Senator Collins Has Answered Questions about Her Vote in Every Presidential Election Since She’s Been in the Senate, But Now Refuses To Say Whether She Voted for Trump

In every presidential election since she was elected to the Senate in 1996, Senator Collins has answered questions from Mainers and reporters about who she would support for president. But with Donald Trump’s approval in Maine cratering and her campaign in trouble, Senator Collins is now refusing to answer the simple question of whether she voted for Trump in the primary. Instead, Senator Collins is dodging questions from reporters, refusing to answer follow up questions, and fleeing from reporters in the halls of the Capitol when asked. 

While Senator Collins is refusing to answer questions about who she supports for president this year, she has always answered that question in the past:

  • In 1996, Senator Collins endorsed Bob Dole for President. 
  • In 2000, Senator Collins was an early endorser of George W. Bush and stumped for him in the Maine GOP primary.
  • In 2004, Senator Collins represented George W. Bush’s campaign for reelection at the GOP caucuses in Maine. 
  • In 2012, Senator Collins threw her support behind Mitt Romney.
  • In 2016, Senator Collins endorsed Jeb Bush in the primary, before telling Mainers that she would not vote for Donald Trump in the general election. 

“Senator Collins is now fleeing reporters in the hallway to avoid responding to the same simple question she’s answered her entire political career,” said Helen Kalla, DSCC spokesperson. “After casting her ballot more than a week ago, Senator Collins is still refusing to give a straight answer about who she voted for in the presidential primary. Senator Collins might keep trying to dodge this basic question, but she can’t hide from or erase her record of having voted with Donald Trump 94% of the time.”


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