What Changed Susan? Senator Collins Only Cares About Political Ramifications of Witness Vote

Senator Collins Told NewsCenter Maine That “The Left … Should Be Happy” That She Voted For Witnesses After She Voted Against a Fair Trial 12 Times

Over the weekend, Senator Collins told NewsCenter Maine that “the left… should be happy that I voted for witnesses,” making clear once again that her vote for witnesses was aimed at finding political cover, not demanding a fair process. 

Senator Collins voted 10 times at the outset of the trial with Mitch McConnell to block witnesses and evidence, then took a “hall pass” from McConnell to cast a meaningless vote to allow the Senate to call witnesses only after she knew the motion would fail. She then voted twice more late Friday night against calling witnesses and documents, proving that she never had any intention of committing to a fair trial.

“The fact that Senator Collins is surprised that her constituents couldn’t be fooled by her meaningless vote shows just how out-of-touch she’s become with voters back home,” said Helen Kalla, DSCC spokesperson. “Senator Collins voted 12 times against a fair trial and only broke with Senate Republicans when it was clear they had the votes to block witnesses, and Mainers see through her attempts to paper over her real record.”

Senator Collins’ votes against a fair trial aren’t playing well at home in Maine, with Mainers noting that “she wasn’t the person [they] thought she was” and that she “no longer represents Mainers.Portland Press Herald columnist Bill Nemitz called out Senator Collins’ “capitulation” to Donald Trump that shows that “while Trump hasn’t changed, the senior senator from Maine most certainly has.”


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