What Changed Susan: Senator Collins Praised Trump’s Early Coronavirus Response, Now She’s Trying to Rewrite the Record

On April 2, Senator Collins Said the President “Did A Lot That Was Right In The Beginning”

Turnaround Comes One Day After Maine Poll Found Both Trump & Senator Collins’ Approval Ratings Underwater

Senator Susan Collins defended President Trump’s response to coronavirus, arguing in an interview with the Bangor Daily News just 12 days ago that he “did a lot that was right in the beginning.”

But as voters in poll after poll increasingly disapprove of the administration’s bungled coronavirus response — and a new poll in Maine finds both Trump and Senator Collins underwater — she’s now trying to rewrite her record in a new interview today with POLITICO as she seeks to distance herself from the unpopular president. 

The facts are clear: Senator Collins praised Trump’s early coronavirus response while Trump had repeatedly failed to prepare for the public health threat posed by this pandemic and mismanaged critical aspects of the initial response, making the country less ready and less safe to combat this crisis.

“Senator Collins has become an increasingly reliable defender of the president even as the facts show that he ignored repeated intelligence warnings, wasted months to prepare, and then failed to develop widespread testing or secure critical medical supplies,” said DSCC spokesperson Helen Kalla. “Instead of holding the president accountable when it mattered, Senator Collins is once again doing what she thinks is best for herself.”


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