What Changed Susan? WATCH: Senator Collins “Very Rarely Actually” Breaks with Party

“In the Trump Era, A Lot of People Have Turned Blue and Hurt Themselves Holding their Breath Waiting for Susan Collins to do Something Interesting in Principle… She Raises that Prospect A Lot, She Very Rarely Actually Does So”

Senator Susan Collins will not demand witnesses be a part of the impeachment trial even after President Trump said Friday he would prevent former National Security Advisor John Bolton from testifying — and Rachel Maddow held her accountable for “very rarely actually” breaking with her party even when “she raises that prospect.”


Maddow: “Honestly, in the Trump era, a lot of people have turned blue and hurt themselves holding their breath waiting for Susan Collins to do something interesting in principle when she has raised the prospect that she might do so. She raises that prospect a lot, she very rarely actually does so.”

Senator Collins has made a series of statements but has refused to take “any immediate action” to secure a fair trial. In fact, the vulnerable senator will “vote the way Mitch McConnell and the Republicans in the Senate vote,” moving forward with a trial that does not include any commitment to hearing from witnesses or allowing new evidence — something Senator Collins supported in 1998 and 1999 and was vocal about demanding as a part of the Senate process. 

The DSCC launched WhatChangedSusan.com to highlight Senator Collins’ alignment with Mitch McConnell and refusal to set the same standards for a fair impeachment process that she did in 1999. WhatChangedSusan.com will be updated regularly as the impeachment process unfolds. 


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